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Mining Browser & LivesOne Virtual Bank Will Be Launched At The End Of January, 2018 The mining browser, which built together by Singapore based Symbiosism Economy Foundation and Maxthon USA, will be officially released at the end of January 2018. Users can get a new cryptocurrency LivesToken(LVT) by normally using the browser. LivesToken & LivesOne’s virtual bank (LivesOne Wallet web version) will be online at the same time. The virtual bank includes Assets Center and Security Center in order to fully protect user’s financial and account security. LivesToken(LVT) will be stored at user’s LivesOne Account in default and can be withdrawn to any ERC-20 token compatible Ethereum wallet. Now users can visit LivesToken & LivesOne’s official website( to sign up for LivesOne account. LivesToken(LVT) is a blockchain based cryptocurrency that issued by LivesOne platform. It aims to facilitate and promote the prosperity of Symbiosism Economy, a future economic form. Just like BTC and ETH, LivesToken(LVT) is a cryptocurrency that based on advanced blockchain technology and ERC-20 token standard. It possessed all basic features of a cryptocurrency and can even quantify and compensate the value of user’s Internet behaviors and consumed times. LivesToken aggregates the value of users’ common and creative labor on the Internet. It is the hard currency of Symbiosism Economy. In The Era Of Symbiosism Economy, Users And Businesses Can Achieve Common Development And Prosperity Symbiosism Economy is a new economic era and business model that powered by advanced blockchain technology and cryptocurrency (encrypted digital currency). It provides an unprecedented solution to an important issue: how to connect users and businesses more closely to form a business community. Most global giants like Google started from very small companies and a large number of enthusiastic and far-sighted users had participated at the early stage of their products by help promoting and developing it. Such behaviors played a crucial role to those businesses’ development and global success as a result. However, those early supporters did not receive any material rewards from helping them. The blockchain & cryptocurrency technological innovation that initiated by Symbiosism Economy Foundation can solve the above issue perfectly. Through introducing a new business model, namely Symbiosism Economy, LivesOne can bond businesses’ development with a new cryptocurrency LivesToken. During the development process, businesses can distribute a certain proportion of LivesToken to their users to quantify and compensate the value that generated from their Internet using behaviors. In this way, users’ benefit will be closely bond with businesses’ development. And with the businesses’ user scale, revenue, and brand awareness increased, the value of LivesToken(LVT) will rise either, and the early holders of the cryptocurrency can enjoy the return of appreciation that caused by business development. On the other hand, businesses will focus more on how to meet users’ demand.