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BEIJINGMarch 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — March 9th, 2018 Beijing time, the well-known Chinese media Internet Weekly announced the “2017 People of The Year” winners list and held an award ceremony. Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Maxthon Browser, the world’s leading Internet software developer, won the “Best In-depth Impact of Industry” People of The Year award in this event.

The 2017 Internet Weekly annual people selection was co-sponsored by Internet Weekly, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center, and eNet. The selection lists the most widely influential people and the most representative entrepreneurs in 55 industries for netizens and readers to vote on, provide opinions, and recommend the best candidates for the awards. The purpose of the event is to communicate the goals, mission and values of outstanding companies. At the awards ceremony, the winners of 10 awards were announced including the Distinguished Industry Leader Award, Best Industry Newcomer Award, and Best Industry Leadership Award.

This is the third time the event has been held. As a world-renowned browser brand, Maxthon fully embodies the essence of “China’s wisdom-making.” For this award, Chen is deeply honored and praised Internet Weekly as a veteran influential media in China. He also thanked the organizers and Maxthon users worldwide for their support. In the meantime, as a business owner who has devoted more than ten years in the field of browsers, Jeff and Maxthon have always put their users first, persisted in making good products, and never lost sight of the heart. Maxthon Browser is also moving towards the direction of ease of use, rapidity, personalization, and humanity to better serve global users.

The past year was the first year of the development of high-tech Internet technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning with many rising stars emergingFacing fierce competition from major Internet giants, Maxthon never stopped its innovation. Each of its products will undergo rigorous testing. Maxthon has been moving forward for many years, using its sincerity and professionalism to interpret the true spirit of ingenuity that is sorely needed in today’s society.