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The founder and CEO of Maxthon Browser Jeff Chen, was invited to attend the 2018 World Blockchain Conference which took place at Beijing National Conference Center (CNCC). He shared his opinions about the investment and market trend of blockchain.

At the Conference’s Forum “blockchain investment and market trend”, Jeff and Shen Dahai(the dean of the blockchain entrepreneurial college), Wu Bo (the founder of Fuhai overseas exchange), Mai Gang (investor), Yuan Wei (the founder, Zhang Jianguo(the founder of the QBTC/ the chairman of the China blockchain  Association) were meeting to discuss the future trends and business opportunities for blockchain.

Jeff is very active in the association in North America and Europe. As a investor, he has invested dozens of traditional Internet Projects, and shifted his activities towards to blockchain technology from 2010. In the past seven years, Jeff has largely rewarded by invested 8 blockchain projects in America and Germany. The blockchain technology, represented by Bitcoin, has been highly praised and recognized because of the value skyrocketed in recent years, and this technology is considered to be a very definite possibility to cause a new industrial revolution with the earthshaking technology. For next opportunity, governments and the world’s top finance and Internet also begin studying blockchain technology.

Jeff became aware of the enormous strength of this technology sensitively early in the birth of Bitcoin. Over the past year, he has been observing and studying the development trend of blockchain industry, and  has a deep comprehension to blockchain project as well as the rich experience of the investment. Also he have undertaken bold probe and practice for the possibilities for this revolutionary innovation. Jeff said the greatest value of blockchain far from being a token , the role redefines the relationship between user relations and economic ecology and changes global industrial. Jeff has generously shared his valuable experience in blockchain industry, and pointed out that the problem as well as the key to the development of blockchain in future.

Several guests exchanged their opinions with Jeff. It is reported that the “2018 World Blockchain Conference” was hosted by the world blockchain council (WBC), GMGC, 3 o’clock community, BIT.GAME, Golden Finance Co sponsored, more than 30 countries or regions all over the world, and nearly 1000 District blockchain industry elite attended. It is the largest and influential blockchain industry event in Asia Pacific area.