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Maxthon is providing customized browser development service to the world

Maxthon is pleased to announce to the world that every company can have their own customized web browser. Maxthon is providing this service to help partners develop unique browsers with their freeware web browser of the same name. Maxthon CEO Jeff Chen says, “Browser development is very complex and can be very costly for most companies. We are excited to provide browser-developing service to our partners, so every company can have a browser that meets their unique needs.” Formerly known as MyIE2, Maxthon was the first browser to offer cloud-based services for syncing bookmarks and browsing history.

Team Maxthon, who describes themselves as a group of technology geeks and product lovers, created the world-famous browser 15 years ago. They are dedicated to browser development and proudly providing the best service of this kind. The browser is available on all major operating systems and devices.  Maxthon has already partnered with a number of companies internationally, such as eBay, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, and SharewarePros. Maxthon is also the winner numerous of awards, including’s Readers’ Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014, CNET Webware 100 Awards in 2008 and 2009, ListSoft User Choice Award in 2005, Red Herring Asia 100 Award in 2005, and was nominated in PCWorld’s 100 Best Products of 2011 list. In addition to producing web browsers, Maxthon is also known for its Chinese and English language news portals, gaming portal, jokes website, and a kid-safe web browser for mobile platforms.

More information is available at or by emailing