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How Different Hosting Service Can Affect Web Browsing Experience

The common folk always think that if you find yourself a domain name, your website is set and ready to be activated. Well, the common folk are wrong. There is a whole process when making a website active and successful.

After setting your domain name, it is really important to find a good web hosting service. Depending on the quality of the hosting service, the better the browsing speed will be. When looking for a good host, you need to make sure that you do a thorough research when it comes to best host services, prices, customer satisfaction and more.

The best way to learn all that information is by reading web hosting reviews. These reviews contain some vital texts from previous customers, as well as expert opinions. You can learn the pros and cons of any hosting service, and if the pros outweigh the cons or the other way around. Based on that information, you can find the best service according to your needs and requirements.

We’ve given you the info on how to find a hosting service, but what is exactly their line of work? They handle the backend services, maintenance, and server repairs. If you want a successful site that is active 24/7, you need to make sure that the user experience is always on the top level.

Of course, the user experience varies based on the good work done by the hosting services is. The better the service, the better the product, the better the user experience. Let’s take a look at some key factors when learning why hosting service is important when it comes to web speed.

Web Browsers

The web browser is the first factor that has a major impact on the browsing experience. There are many browsers scattered throughout the Internet, but only a couple of them are significant enough to have an impact on the experience. We’ve seen that Windows’ browser, Edge, does not qualify very high and the experience is not that good.

One of the browsers that are generating some fuss and excellent customer satisfaction is Maxthon. Many experts concluded that it can outperform just about any other top browser and offers a fast and fun experience. Maxthon has been receiving a great number of awards and is seeking to be the top browser soon. Currently, there are over 600 million people that use Maxthon, and all of them have confessed that Maxthon is a global phenomenon that really exceeded their expectations. The browser is available for any platform.

Fast Hosting Equals Fast Page Speed

Depending on the hosting service, your page speed will be fast or slow. These days, it is important to have a fast page speed due to the visitor’s patience. The recommended speed is 3 seconds, according to the studies.

The page speed has become a vital factor in the last couple of years because research has shown that 60% of all visitors are more than likely to leave the site if they end up waiting too long. The better the hosting, the faster the page load, the better the user experience will be.

Fast page speed also attracts more traffic to the website and increases the ranking. So, as you can see, the whole process is not just about SEO. There is a lot more to it. Google recently updated its algorithms and admitted that the site’s ranking is likely to increase if the page speed is optimal.

Research has shown that today, most of the visitors are using mobile phones. More than 50% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page takes too long to load. And even though the quality of the visitor’s browser, his internet connection, and the computer performance are vital factors to the speed, the types of files and the amount of code on your website, and the type hosting service play a huge part in it as well.

Some Excellent Hosting Services

The following hosts offer the top service at the most reasonable price. Siteground is the first on the list. Siteground’s uptime and speed are 99.99% 713ms. Next up, Hostinger is also high on the list, their uptime and speed are 99.97% and 310ms, which is really fast.

Inmotion Host is a bit slower, but still well above average. The average uptime and speed are 99.95% and 855ms. Bluehost’s uptime and speed are 99.99% and 406ms respectively. Lastly, GoDaddy has a 99.97% uptime and excellent speed of 517ms. Choosing the best service can be vital to your business, and it can lead to an increase or decrease in sales.