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Recently, many friends who care about Maxthon browser have heard the development plan of MX6, and some community members have even downloaded the test package of MX6 Alpha version. However, due to the confidentiality policy of the development period, it is still mysterious.

MX6 is designed and developed by Maxthon USA Inc. After 7 months closed development, the first official Alpha version of MX6 browser has been packaged today. This means that MX6 browser is coming. 

Maxthon Browser is a 20-year-old veteran browser. In early days of the Internet, it continued to innovate to improve the user experience and created a number of popular features, such as.

  • Multi-tab——how many people still remember the fear of desktop being filled with web pages
  • Gestures——create efficiency and comfort in the jamming of older mice with long tails
  • Resource Sniffer——how many engineers are relying on this function to explore the way of website development in the early time
  • Bookmarks sync——Bookmarks no longer need to be copied with a U disk


As time goes by, Maxthon browser has been making great progress. In past 20 years, there are five major versions and tens of thousands minor versions,  paving the way for maxthon browser from the 1970s to the 2000s span several generations of user groups.

2020 is the year of the new technologies. In the technological revolution led by AI, 5G, VR, Internet of Things, and blockchain, how should browsers tell their own stories?

MX6 is the effort that maxthon browser makes for the time of this era.



As a browser brand that lasts for 20 years, MX6 not only inherits the features that users like in previous versions, but also your personal data, such as bookmarks, notes and passwords can be directly imported from the historical version into the new browser through Maxthon account to achieve seamless connection.



For the upcoming era of technology explosion, MX6 chose the Chromiun open-source kernel as the foundation. On one hand, relying on Chromiun’s strong technical background and iterative speed, it builds a more secure, faster and stable platform for all Maxthon users ; On the other hand, it provides a more powerful compatible platform for the new generation of web applications through Chrome addons library.





MX6 provides a convenient entrance for users to integrate into new technology, without losing inheritance and compatibility. In the latest version, MX6 will separately  develop a blockchain module to provide technical support for the popularity of blockchain applications.


As a key technology invented 10 years agoblockchain still remain mysterious to many users . Many companies want to ultilize blockchain technolgy for new business model, but they don’t know where to start. In order to allow more users to understand the blockchain so as to use the new technology, in order to enable more enterprises to learn the blockchain systematically and use the blockchain technology easily, MX 6 is redesigned to open the door to blockchain world in the new era.



To summarise, MX6 is the continuation of 20 years’ brilliant browser brand, the participant and sharer of Chromium open source technology, and the world’s first blockchain enabled browser to help users surf the blockchain world.