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We will launch the alpha 2 version of  Maxthon 6 browser today.


Maxthon 6 is a new browser designed and developed by Maxthon USA Inc, which chooses Chromium as the new kernel. MX6 is a different product line from MX5. It is not an upgrade of MX5 and will operate independently.

The internal test will invite Maxthon supporters worldwide to participate. Please try it in the real user environment, and help us to improve the quality and user experience.

  • Please experience the smoothness and stability of basic browser functions such as installation, startup, web visiting, etc.;
  • Please experience the traditional MX 5 features under the new foundation, such as Split Screen, Mouse Gestures, Maxnotes, Passkeeper, etc.;
  • Please experience the data integrity and stability of MX 6 Alpha 2.0 after synchronizing MX 5 user data;
  • Please experience the compatibility and interaction of MX 6 Alpha 2.0 in importing data from other browsers (such as Chrome);
  • Please experience the performance of MX 6 Alpha 2.0 with compatible Chrome addons.

The internal test period is from March 27, 2020, to April 1, 2020. If you are willing to feedback issues to improve the product and agree with the internal test rules, please join the test group and get the test installation package. (Test group: NBdomain & MX6, )

We hope that test users can fill in the questionnaire after the experience, and send the problems found during the test as well as the comments and suggestions on MX 6 to the email: