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SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2011 — Maxthon (, a global software and web services company, announced today that in a series of controlled tests Maxthon Mobile for Android uses far less memory than Opera Mobile, Dolphin, Boat, Skyfire, UC and the default version of Android. 
In three tests measuring memory usage Maxthon Mobile bested the competition by significant margins. Notably, Maxthon Mobile uses 66% less memory than the Android 2.1 browser when launching, and half the memory as Android when fetching web pages.
In the same tests, Maxthon Mobile uses less memory than Opera in all categories and while offering more features and functionality than Skyfire and the Android browser. 
"These independent tests conclusively establish that Maxthon Mobile uses less memory than all the other major Android browsers,” says Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Maxthon.  “For consumers, these benefits translate into greater speed and more savings. The jury is out. For a much better experience ditch Android 2.2 and try Maxthon Mobile. “
The test measured memory usage of different browsers performing the same actions on the same mobile devices in three areas. The first test measured memory usage to launch the browser.  The second measured memory usage to simultaneously fetch and render 3 web pages. The third measured, memory usage to simultaneously fetch and render 7 web pages.  (The sites were Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Live, MSN, LinkedIn and Amazon. )
“A great mobile web experience starts with a great mobile browser,” says Karl Mattson, Chief of Product/GM of Maxthon International. “Switch to Maxthon. You’ll see an immediate boost in performance.” 
Download Maxthon Mobile for Android tablets here:
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