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In the highly competitive world of smartphones, where innovation is rapid and advanced, there is a fierce battle to draw the attention of consumers. With the right combination of industrial design, utility and wow – the most subjective factor in this union – manufacturers seek to find the next big thing: that impressive product that is a vital accessory for work and leisure, which also wins the praise of critics. In the case of the eagerly awaited (in the United States) Samsung Galaxy S II, this phone meets the definition of excellence.

From its beautiful screen to its wealth of features, the S II is already one of the most popular Android smartphones. And yet, users would be remiss if they did not have an equally effective browser to complement this product. Meaning: we use our phones to do all manner of things online, including sending and receiving emails, accessing social media, watching videos, shopping, writing and communicating with friends, relatives and coworkers. To ignore this fact, or to merely accept a substandard browser on a phone of this quality, is wrong. Hence the need for Maxthon Mobile.

I write these words neither to gloat nor blatantly self-promote the virtues of Maxthon Mobile. There is no need to bash the competition, which is unseemly, while extolling the benefits of our products and services. Rather, people deserve an opportunity to harness the full power of the web without problems or delays or technical issues. So treat your new S II – no, treat any Android smartphone – as a medium to harness the full power of the Internet. With Maxthon Mobile, now is the time to do just that!