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With the passing of Steve Jobs, we want to share our thoughts about this dynamic leader. His drive to combine technology and beauty, through the power of consumer electronics, is something we also share.

As an entrepreneur and champion of great products, he leaves a forever inspiring legacy. We’ve asked our team at Maxthon to share their thoughts about this unforgettable figure — and we will update this post as the tributes arrive.

To the friends and family of Steve Jobs, we extend our condolences for this tragic loss.


“Steve Jobs profoundly changed the way I view my life and the world.  I still remember the strong words from his Stanford commencement a few years back – stay hungry, stay foolish.”

–Eric Hu, Senior Product Manager, Mobile


“We stand on the shoulders of giants and Steve Jobs is head and shoulders above all of them. He’ll cast a very long shadow for a very long time. In my view, he’s the greatest product manager our industry has ever seen. Sure, he knew his technology. But the greatest way his work has influenced me is by repeatedly demonstrating that great products connect with people on purely emotional levels. In a world full of copies and feature-bloated monsters Jobs repeatedly conjured up that hardest-to-conjure thing: wonder. “

— Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development.