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San Francisco, CA, November 4, 2011 — Maxthon, a global software and web services company, announces its selection as one of PCWorld’s 100 Best Products of 2011. This selection of Maxthon includes other notable products such as Google +, Sony NEX-VG20, HTC, ThunderBolt, and the Apple iPad2. Users can download the latest version of Maxthon 3 here

“The inclusion of Maxthon 3 as one of the 100 Best Products of 2011 is a testament to our international success. Maxthon 3 joins a number of premier brands in this annual roundup from PCWorld. I congratulate these companies and encourage people to join our ever-growing group of fans and supporters,” says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon.

With over 20 million unique website users and 5 million magazine readers, PCWorld is one of the most influential and respected publications in its field. The magazine’s editors receive thousands of entries for the Best Products of 2011, selecting those products of the highest caliber.

With Maxthon 3 users can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Security: Maxthon is a pioneer in sandboxed processing, which is an essential part of online protection. If something malicious tries to attack your computer, sandboxing will impede or isolate the HTML and JavaScript code responsible for this problem.
  • Speed: Maxthon’s uses proprietary HTML parsing and fetching technology for lightning-fast start-up and page rendering speed.
  • Great video performance.
  • Built-in, cloud-based notepad for quick notation. Click the yellow ‘post-it’ icon, and then create and securely save notes to your free ‘Passport’ account in the cloud.
  • Personalization with different skins/themes and avatars.

“Maxthon is for those who want to download a browser and have it include everything you could possibly need out of the box, but still be customizable. Maxthon has that. You can reorganize how it looks, download skins, take away the icons, download add-ons, and so on. No other browser lets you do so much to mess with it. And the fact that it’s got two different rendering engines to choose from doesn’t slow it down at all – it’s a very speedy browser,” says Steve Horton of PCWorld.

“Maxthon 3 is a great browser, which the editors at PCWorld also recognize. With the advantages we provide, users have a quick – and high quality – means of getting online and maximizing the power of the web,” says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development

About Maxthon
Headquartered in Beijing, Maxthon Ltd. is an innovative software company and developer of superior web browsers which continue to set new standards for simplicity, speed and security.  Each month more than 130,000,000 people use Maxthon’s web browser in 120 countries across the world. Maxthon also brings its best-of-breed browsing to the Android platform for mobile devices and tablet computers. For more information about the company visit Maxthon here.

Download Maxthon Mobile for Android phones here
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Download Maxthon Mobile for 10″ Android tablets here