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We had an excellent time at CES, where we met with a number of writers from major media and showcased our partnerships with brands like Polaroid and Pioneer Electronics USA. Led by Jeff Chen, the Founder and CEO of Maxthon, we also had an opportunity to talk about our products and services on two featured podcasts while also meeting with a variety of technology companies. The show was, as always, a sneak peek into forthcoming consumer electronics and innovations that look quite exciting. From televisions to cameras to cell phones to personal navigation systems, CES was – and continues to be – a chance to see these things at the cutting edge of development.

From our perspective, CES was both exciting and successful — a chance to be on the ground floor, literally, of so much innovation and respect for Maxthon’s work for desktop and mobile devices. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to speak with us, and express our appreciation for all the people who made this event so productive. It was a great experience.