Maxthon Affiliates Program announce cash prize reward for month of August!

Become a Maxthon Affiliate today to win cash prizes, click here to get started!


Hello Affiliates!

August is a very special month for the Maxthon Affiliates program. For the first time ever, we are announcing cash prizes for the top 3 Affiliates in the month of August. The Affiliate who achieves the most downloads of Maxthon Web Browser between August 5th and September 5th will receive $100 cash prize via VISA giftcard.
The prizes for the month are as follows:
  • 1st prize: $100 USD
  • 2nd prize: $50 USD
  • 3rd prize: $25 USD
Are you ready? Get set! Go!

Become a Maxthon Affiliate today to win cash prizes, click here to get started!

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out to us at any time.
Best of luck,
Maxthon Affiliates Team






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