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On Feb. 16, Apple announced the time for its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2017, which will be held in San Jose, California from Jun 5 to 9.

As usual, Apple will preview its next-generation mobile operating system at WWDC 2017. Given the latest version now is iOS10, the upcoming one will be the 11th update, but iOS11 is only the presumed name before it’s published by Apple at that time.


After iOS7, this once best operating system moves slow, thus facing more and more threats from Andriod. All Apple fans are expecting another breakthrough in this new update to protect Apple’s lead in mobile operating system.

Besides, since Apple doesn’t do public code names for iOS like it does for macOS, or like Google does for Andriod, it’s another imagination whether iOS11 would have a cool name like Sierra.



Except for mobile operating system, macOS may also make an appearance on-stage. Last year, on WWDC 2016, Apple renamed “OS X” to “macOS”, and optimized this operating system, adding more interaction between MacBook and iPhone. It will be another attraction of this upcoming conference.



Not surprisingly, watchOS on Apple Watch will have an update. Though Apple improved the startup and response speed of apps, Apple Watch still needs killer apps.


New hardware

It’s still unknown whether there will be new hardware out on this conference. Though WWDC focuses on software, they once released new MacBook on WWDC. The historical iPhone4 was also revealed first on WWDC by Steve Jobs.


Now we have launched MX5 browser for both iOS and Mac operating system, which have made full use of iOS and iDevice features. Touch ID, 3D Touch, and even the UI design of these versions are created especially for Apple fans.

We will also keep eyes on the update operating system of Apple, and offer better support browser for future operating systems.