Maxthon Browser Officially Released!

Hi Maxers,

Today we bring you a more stable release version of MX5: V5.1.3.2000. A switch of hardware acceleration was added in this version, enabling you to turn on and off the hardware acceleration mode freely at any time. Here are the bugs fixed in this version:


Bug Fixed:

– Hardware acceleration mode added;

– Stability optimized;

– Fixed the issue of freezing on the install progress in some special cases


Install Information

Install version:

MD5: 9444c86f05f87f6cee6dedb16fa8d32d

Portable version:

MD5: e8419024ce1a4586690ba4b1361525b9


Happy browsing!





9 responses to “Maxthon Browser Officially Released!”

  1. Giovanno Avatar

    Is LastPass supported in this version ?

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Giovanno, yes you can install LastPass from Maxthon extension center, but I suggest that you try the Passkeeper feature in Maxthon5 browser. It works seamlessly with Maxthon5 browser!

  2. Khatya Avatar

    How to lock the size and position of pop-up video window? Every time youtube playing next video the position and size pop-up video window always reset.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Khatya, I understand the inconvenience you encountered and we have reported a bug to the dev team about this. Hope they will fix this problem ASAP!

  3. app Avatar

    Wow! I am now shifting to Maxthon browser. Really wonderful post. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. Kevin Avatar

    I currently do not understand why you insist on upgrading to MX5 ..frankly i find it slow.. keeps loading everytime i open. this the second time ive updraged to 5. 1 and i have to roll back because 4. it way much easier to use , more efficient and faster.

    1. Maxthon Avatar

      Hi Kevin, I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to you…MX5 is a brand new product which is totally different with MX4, so we’re still improving it to better and better.
      But if you don’t want to be updated, you can use the portable version of Maxthon browser, because we will not push upgrade notification to the portable versions.

  5. Wani Avatar

    Is LastPass supported in this version ?

  6. Download Avatar

    An excellent suggestion!

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