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Last week, we explained why Maxthon 6 choose BSV as the underlying blockchain. Next, we will talk about how the Maxthon browser reshapes the Internet in the new technological era.

You cannot mandate productivity,you must provide the tools to let people become their best.
——Steve Jobs


As Jobs said, if you want to promote innovation, you should not only make the product but also make a tool that allows more people to use to create a better future. As a 20-year-old independent browser, Maxthon always focuses on research and innovation, and bring new technologies from geeks to the public.


The Innovation

Maxthon 6 focuses on blockchain technology. The team has seen the enormous potential of the technology. To help users surf the blockchain world, Maxthon will integrate some innovative interfaces:

  • Vbox, a blockchain identity manager;
  • NBdomain, a new blockchain domain system;
  • Vpoint wallet, an instant payment interface for BSV apps; 

The Vbox

Today we will take a look at Vbox, which is a blockchain identity manager.


The problem

On the Internet today, everyone has many identities (accounts). However, whether it is a chat account, a twitter account, or an email address, they are actually owned by the corresponding company, not users. These accounts are assigned to users by the company. This means that current account systems have privacy and security problems:

  1. These accounts can be deleted at any time and do not require users’ consent;
  2. Most data in these accounts, like chat records, articles, or other content, is owned by internet companies, not users;
  3. Accounts are generally not interoperable. Users have to remember many passwords for multiple online accounts.

The solution

Luckily, blockchain technology may be the solution to these issues.

Maxthon will help users to create a blockchain identity via Vbox.


What‘s good for having a blockchain identity?

By creating a blockchain identity,  the user’s data will be saved on the blockchain, which is really owned by the user (provable by the cryptography algorithm). No company or individual can delete the user’s identity information. And

  • Blockchain identity is permanent, you don’t have to renew from time to time;
  • The data stored in the blockchain identity is owned by users, no one can delete it;
  • Blockchain identity is interoperable among applications, one identity can access all applications;
  • You also can create multiple identities to satisfy your different needs;
  •  Blockchain identity can be used as a ledger to save assets.

What is a blockchain identity?


Maxthon 6 has a built-in blockchain identity manager-VBox to create and manage blockchain identity. The blockchain identity is basically a private/public key pair.


With Vbox, the application can request an identity signature by calling the browser API. The user can confirm the request to complete the authorization.


How to verify an Identity?


When requesting for Vbox signature, the application will send a HASH (sha256) of some data to Vbox. Vbox uses the identity’s private key to sign the HASH (of the HASHed string, double hash) and returns the signature. Then the application uses the public key to verify the signature. By using this process, Vbox can help to validate the ownership of the identity without exposing any user’s personal information.


(Vbox-blockchain identity manager )


Import and Export Identity data

  1. Vbox provides data import and export functions through local files.
  2. Vbox supports opted-in cloud sync service of identity.
  3. Vbox may also implement features to Import/Export Identity data to blockchain in future versions.
  4. All data are encrypted to offer better security.


To summarize, Vbox can help the user build a safe and universal ID, which is independent of any organization, region or server. Signature and payment services are available for all apps. Welcome to join MX6 Beta test at