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Maxthon 6 is a new browser designed and developed by Maxthon USA Inc, which chooses Chromium as the new kernel. Last week, the Maxthon 6 Beta test was successfully completed. This is the second test for Maxthon 6. Compared to the Alpha version, the main updates of the Beta version are as follows:

  • Improved basic performance such as stability of system, memory occupancy rate, and browser response speed;
  • Improved data syncing and import functions;
  • Optimized Maxthon historical features and interactions;
  • Launched the blockchain module for the first time-Vbox1.0.

There were 1437 people joined the test and 120 of them submit questionnaires. They were recruited from user groups and communities worldwide. We want to say  ” thank you ” for everyone’s feedback during Beta testing. Thank you for your active participation.

High user satisfaction

According to the survey results, Maxthon 6 is highly rated by users. 88.5% of users rate the satisfaction for the feature of MX6 with more than 4 stars (including 4 stars), and most users have already set MX6 as the default browser. Thank you for your support on MX6, but we still need to remind you: MX6 is still in the testing stage. After the official version released, MX6 team will not provide maintenance and update for this version. To avoid data errors, please sync your data by Maxthon Cloud, or backup data regularly. Once data error, please contact customer service in time.

The basic performance and stability improved greatly 

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In this test, the issues of page frozen, crashes and data error that occurred frequently during the Alpha test have been effectively fixed. Although it has not yet reached the standard, we believe that with the optimization and version upgrade these issues will be fixed when the official version is released.

The survey shows that data syncing and import features have been significantly improved, and the probabilities of data errors all have been controlled below 10%.  Many users feedback that MX5 data can not be imported to MX6 successfully, and data shows that this ratio is the highest. About this issue, we will provide more convenient data backup tools to solve it before the official version released.

Users are interested in blockchain

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For the questions about the blockchain, we can see that only about 2% of the people think they know the blockchain very well, but a large number of people are interested in blockchain. Some may use blockchain applications, or some followed the blockchain news, only about 14% of them are not interested in blockchain at all.

For BSV possession, about 15% of users held BSV, and the remaining 85% of users said they did not. In the in-depth survey of these remaining users, it was found that there are two main reasons for not holding cryptocurrencies. The first is that more than 60% of users said there is no convenient purchase channel; the second is that some users disagree with “hold& gain”, and do not know other uses of these cryptocurrencies.

Looking forward to the blockchain function of MX6

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Although most users are not very familiar with the blockchain, they still expressed support for the MX6 blockchain function, and only about 20% of users expressed no interest.

The Vbox is controversial but also attracts attention

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Vbox1.0, the first blockchain feature on MX6, has been hotly discussed since it was released.

The survey result shows that the current version of Vbox is relatively stable. Most users had a smooth experience and no obvious issues. A small number of users encountered some error while creating identities or recharging Vpoint. Users who are familiar with the blockchain fully affirmed Vbox’s cloud services and data backup functions, saying that they no longer worry about the loss of private keys, and the wallet is more secure. However, some users complained there are no application scenarios except buy Vpoint. They said it would be much better if the blockchain application scenarios provided.


Communicating with testing users, there are two main reasons for users not to experience Vbox. On the one hand, some users only focus on the browser and they are really not interested in blockchain; on the other hand, it is also the main reason, most users have little or no understanding blockchain, or even never experienced blockchain products. So they have no way to start Vbox and don’t know how to experience it. They hope that Maxthon can explain these features in detail.


In the future, the MX6 team will gradually recommend some special apps. At the same time, we will also provide Vbox explains to help users experience Vbox more conveniently.


To summarise, users are highly satisfied with MX6 Beta. The features of MX5 that are popular with users have been gradually improved to MX6, which is more in line with users’ habits. The Vbox built-in MX6 also brings users a new blockchain experience.


Next, Maxthon 6 will go all out to prepare for the official release. We will continue to optimize browser performance and improve the blockchain experience. The updated version of Maxthon 6 Beta will continue to be released in the user groups. Welcome to experience MX6.


Thanks again for your valuable comments and suggestions. We will try our best to provide a better Maxthon browser!